Running for PICS

Camiel Hufkens
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Friends, After the events of summer '18, with the wonderful staff of VUMC saving my hide and the good folks at Heliomare getting me back on my feet, I have found myself struggling with certain after effects: diminished lung capacity, brain damage, and post-traumatic stress. The academic hospital of Amsterdam is organising a 5km charity run to sponsor research into icu follow-up care. Please help me help them by sponsoring my 5k run on Sunday May 26th. Whilst I might not be able to run the entire distance I'll give it my best: run where I can, walk where I must. Thank you for your support! Yours truly, HUF
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08-07-2019 | 13:15
07-06-2019 | 10:08
27-05-2019 | 20:38
26-05-2019 | 01:08 Goede vriend van mijn broer, loop wordt georganiseerd door de IC waar ik zelf werk. Succes!
24-05-2019 | 23:01